Inspired and encouraged by the Lenten message of Pope Francis, the Regional Council of Arco Norte met by videoconference on February 22 to continue walking with hope, in “a new present, a better future”, in the construction of Marist Arco Norte.

At this meeting the “family was enlarged” with the participation of many people. The Brothers Provincial of the Region: Gérard Bachand (Canada), Patrick McNamara (United States), José Sánchez (México Central), César Augusto Rojas (Norandina), Miguel Ángel Santos (México Occidental), Tomás Briongos (Compostela – Honduras) and Hipólito Pérez (América Central).

We had the joy of sharing with the four new Brothers Provincial, recently appointed in the region: Brothers Orlando Escobar (Norandina), Luis Enrique Rodríguez (México Occidental), Luis Felipe González (México Central) and Dan O’Riordan (United States). It was a wonderful opportunity to give them the most fraternal and cordial welcome, while favouring a serene process of transition in the regional leadership.

João Carlos do Prado and Ken McDonald, the liaison General Councillors of the region, accompanied us as usual.

Br. Rodrigo Espinosa, in his capacity as Executive Secretary, convened the meeting, set the agenda and carried out the session successfully, fruitfully and responsibly.

The most important aspects developed were:

  • A time to share the provincial journey with the following guidelines: How do I feel today? A sign of hope and a special situation in my province.
  • Approval of the documents: regulations of the CAP, updated SWOT, plan of the Brothers Today Team and Organisms and functions of the Region.
  • Presentation, reflection and approval of the new regional logo, with the participation of Jessica Urquiza as coordinator of the Communications Team. We congratulate and thank all the members of this team for their commitment and creativity in this initiative.
  • Follow-up and information on the processes in which the region is involved: Province of Canada, La Valla 200 Montagne community (Holguín-Cuba), La Valla Interprovincial Novitiate (Medellín, Colombia) and Marist Life and Mission in Honduras.
  • Information from the International Mission Commission.
  • Organisation of the meeting of the American Conference of Provincials 2021.

“May we live this Lenten season with hope, being artisans and witnesses of this new reality for Marist life and mission in the Region, in which God makes all things new” (cf. Lenten Message 2021, Pope Francis).

Br. Hipólito Pérez, fms.
Arco Norte Coordinator
Provincial of Central America