Each axis is made up of different initiatives developed by interprovincial teams that analyze, verify, and make proposals on very particular topics, so that a unified management scheme can be designed for all the provinces of the region. Each team has a coordinator who liaises with the regional assemblies.


Marist Life:

Spirituality, Marist formation of laity and brothers, vocational animation of Brothers and Laity, bonding of Brothers and Laity.


Marist Mission:

best prac+ces in mission, professional and leadership forma+on, language competence, management of volunteers, research and innova+on, model of coopera+on in networking, protec+on and defense of minors


Economic-Financial Area:

Shared purchases, fundraising, asset management, best financial practices, planning and control, economic-financial training.


Operating Model:

Best management prac+ces, opera+ng model and supply of experts, financing requirements and models.



The region’s identity, communications, publishing initiatives, a communication network

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