The Arco Norte Regional Committee Meeting took place in Guatemala from September 28th-30th, 2019. The attendees included were: Br. José Sánchez Bravo, American Commission of Provincials (CAP) Coordinator; Br. Gregorio Linacero, Coordinator of the Committee; Br. Alejandro González, leader of the communications project; Br. Justino Gómez and Irma Zamarripa, representing the Innovation for Education and Evangelization initiative; Br. Al Rivera, leader of the Formation of Brothers and Laypeople initiative; Br. Félix Roldán, leader of the Vocational Culture initiative; Socorro Álvarez Noriega, representative of America’s Solidarity Marist Heart Network.

The meeting allowed to:

  • • Learn about the current projects from the General Administration and the changes in the administrative structure.
  • • Evaluate the regionalization processes from other parts of the world to identify the common areas of progress.
  • • Learn about the planning of the Interamerican networks: Solidarity Marist Heart and Spirituality.
  • • Follow-up on, evaluate, and adjust the implementation plan of the region.

• Share fraternal moments as group.