The work we do as a region is carried out through interprovincial teams that analyze, verify, and create proposals on key issues, and thus design a unified management scheme for all the provinces of the region. Each team has a coordinator who works as a liaison with the regional assemblies.

We present each of the initiatives:


They share experiences and reflect on the possibility of developing regional processes from the field of education, which allow us to articulate and benefit from this in a more global dimension.


Plans, promotes, accompanies and evaluates regional evangelization / pastoral processes centered on the Good News of Jesus of Nazareth, and inspired by the experience of Champagnat and the Marist charisma, responding to real and specific contexts of children and young people in each province from a vision of community living a warm, close, loving presence with an integral formation, which favors the development of interiority and spirituality searches for ways of life.


They encourage processes for the cultivation of spirituality, with emphasis on the Marist way, for the different groups of the Provinces. It articulates the networking between the different provinces of Arco Norte and, likewise, the América Sur region, through the Spirituality Network of the American Conference of Provincials (CAP).


Formation of Brothers

Creates common guidelines for the formation of Brothers by reviewing current policies and programs, identifying and discerning the challenges that formation faces today, developing benchmarks to ensure that the young generations of Marist Brothers are being adequately prepared, always aligned with the calls of the XXII General Chapter.

Formation of Lays

It creates opportunities to strengthen lay formation in the region by providing a common understanding and basic formation guidelines for all Marists lays.



Accompany and encourage the directives of Marist Solidarity and the Defense and promotion of the Rights of girls, boys, adolescents and young people (NNAJ) in Arco Norte, together with the South America Region, responding to the calls of the XXII General Chapter, the Strategic Plan of the New General Council and the American Conference of Provincials (CAP).

Vocational Culture

It generates enthusiasm and regional confidence from the joint vocational work that develops creative processes of accompaniment, for those people interested in Marist, consecrated or lay life.



It favors the sharing of the positive experiences already present in our provinces and to implement the Operative Plans agreed between the bursars of the Arco Norte, for the good of the provinces in the region.


It creates strategies that guarantee effective and transparent institutional communication processes, both internal and external, to help consolidate the Marist identity and its collaborative work towards its mission, in all the countries that are part of Arco Norte.