On May 23rd, the brothers in temporary vows in the Region of Arco Norte, held a virtual meeting where we were able to share our current formation and ministry experiences. The meeting’s primary focus was to allow the younger brothers within the region, an opportunity to know one another and to grow and connect our region in line with the calls of the XXII General Chapter, to walk together “as a global family”. We also had the presence of Brother. Albert Rivera (Province of the United States), regional link of the implementation team, who briefly greeted us and encouraged us to continue to create fraternal bonds amongst the group.

Currently, in the region of Arco Norte we are more than 30 brothers in temporary vows, some living in houses of formation, some in scholasticates, and others in apostolic communities:

  • Luis Ramos y Sam Amos (in Chicago, Province of the United States)
  • José Eduardo Maciel, Mario García, Nicolás Ríos y Yarib Daza (In Mexico City, Province of Central Mexico)
  • Jorge Edgar Almanza y Oscar Soubervielle (in Potoichán, Guerrero, Province of Central Mexico)
  • David Castillo (in Guadalajara, Province of Mexico Occidental)
  • Chancelet Tangère, Dimmy Frederic, Dukens Medor, Guylner Similien, Mayliko Livette, Louis Oscar Paul, Saint-Louis Roger y Wilson Dorcy (in Puerto Príncipe, Haiti, Province of México Occidental)
  • Roberto Constanza (in Guatemala, Province of Central America)
  • Alexnnys Flores, Andrés Robles, Duvan Correa, Duberney Giraldo, Francisco Ruíz, Henry Araujo, Michael Anamá y Junior Jaramillo (in Bogotá, Colombia, Province of Norandina)
  • Juan Pablo Burgos y Oscar Bolívar (in Manizales, Colombia, Province Norandina)
  •   Juan Sebastián Herrera, Juan Bolaños (in apostolic communities de Colombia, Province of Norandina)    

In this first virtual meeting, we reflected on our role as young brothers in light of vocation ministry; we believe that it is a very important dimension that challenges us and invites us to be a witnesses of the Marist life and to spread the joy of our consecrated life to others as Marist brothers.

We wish to maintain this “Marist network”, through encounters and formative opportunities that allow us to reflect on themes and sharing experiences that will allow us to continue to solidify our vocation as the Little Brothers of Mary.

We want to thank the Brother Formators of the region for this proposal and for their work in accompanying along our process.


Hno. Alexnnys Flores Espinoza, fms