Following the calls of the XXII General Chapter of the Marist Institute of building and strengthen our identity as a global family within the different regions of the Institute, we the postulants and pre-postulants from the region of Arco Norte, had a virtual gathering. This was our first opportunity to get to know one another; for sharing our life experiences as a way of strengthening and supporting one another in our vocational discernment. Our time together was truly was a time of grace. The group met on June 12, via a Zoom videoconference. Those present on the call included Jorge, Julio, Gerson, Robert, Joseph, and Moises representing the provinces of Central America, the United States and Central Mexico. Brother Albert Rivera assisted us as interpreter.

We spoke in a very fraternal way, we laughed and we share a lot about our family history and our personal journey on following the in the footsteps of Christ and Marcellin. This type of virtual conferencing will continue to happen through the year, in order to support one another in our vocational journey and to feel connected as brothers of the same family, the family of Mary.

We ask God and Mary, our Good Mother to continue to accompany us in our vocational discernment and feel the love of your Divine Son so that we can make him known.

Moisés Santiago

Province of Central Mexico