On October 31st, 2020, the second regional gathering of brothers in the Scholasticate and those in temporary vows of the “Arco Norte” region was held via Zoom. This gathering included the Superior General, Bro. Ernesto Sánchez, members of his council, as well as several formators from around the region and approximately 20 brothers who are in temporary vows.

There were two primary objectives for this gathering. First, after several complicated months, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we wanted to have an opportunity to be in fraternity with Brother Ernesto. Second, the gathering provided us with a moment to reflect and comment on Bro. Ernesto’s presentation…what is the Institute asking of us as young brothers, especially during this time of great uncertainty.

Brother Ernest began his presentation by recalling the dedication of our brothers in Bugobe, as men who set an example of love and who are examples of the fidelity and dedication needed to be a brother to all. Afterwards, grateful for their witness, Brother Ernesto began his reflection, from his circular “Homes of Light”. He began his reflection from a Marian perspective, which he considers vital to our identity as brothers. Mary is, in the words of Brother Ernest, the woman who “radiates the light of God”.

Throughout the meeting, Brother Ernesto continued to emphasize, to the younger brothers, the need to be “Beacons of Hope and Homes of Light”. He indicated that there is a need to create connections between the care shown and experienced in community, care for our common home and care in our encounters with children and young people.

Brother Ernesto continued to speak to us about the importance of self-care, the need to grow in personally and the constant invitation to give of ourselves, in our way of being brothers, and aware of the challenges of the life cycle that we will experience. In addition, he invited us to reflect on the following:

  • – Within your vocational process, it is necessary to give your all. You must not lack strength and look for shortcuts in the formative processes.
  • – The need for global availability, being brothers regardless of where the ministry is located, even if it is outside of our own province.
  • – Vocational, spiritual, and personal development are indispensable as you prepare for the perpetual profession.
  • – Finally, Ernesto, invited us to dream and to prepare ourselves because we are all invited to be part of this global family by putting our minds and hearts into this endeavor.

The meeting concluded with an informal conversion, where some of the brothers shared their concerns and their views on internationality, the new realities that we are facing, the invitation to care for all and to be, like Mary, people who radiate the light of God, wherever we are.

As young brothers, of the Arco Norte region, we are grateful for this time together, we thank Brother Ernesto for the time he shared with us, as well as the presence of Brother Luis Carlos, Vicar General, Brothers Joao Carlos do Prado, Ken McDonald, Angel Medina and Lindley Sinonosa as well as our brother formators.

We look forward to meeting again, sharing our experiences, hopes and doubts as we walk together as brothers.


Bro. Roberto Constance, fms