From February 21 to 26, brothers, lay men and women members of the Arco Norte Regional Committee had the opportunity to meet in person at Quinta Soledad in Mexico City, after two years of work virtually. Undoubtedly, being together in person created a necessary spirit for the week that was full of work, but also for the integration of the Committee, the review and organization of the work has been carried out and the next steps to continue the vision of “walking together as a Global Family” of the Institute.



Above, left to right: Ana Laura Rubio (Central Mexico/Assistant), Iván Chacón (Central Mexico/Vocational Culture), Claudia Rojas (Norandina /Formation of Lays), Br. Gregorio Linacero (General Government), Albert Rivera (USA/ Brothers Today), Irma Zamarripa (Occidental Mexico/Education), Jessica Urquiza (Central Mexico/Communications) and Br. Rodrigo Espinosa (Executive Secretary/Central Mexico)

Below, left to right: Br. Laurentino Albalá (Norandina /Economy), Br. Juan Antonio Sandoval (Central America/Spirituality), Socorro Álvarez (Central Mexico/Solidarity Heart) and Br. Daniel Martín (Central America/Evangelization)


The afternoon of arrival, Br. Luis Felipe González, Provincial of Central Mexico, thanked each attendee for their willingness to travel to this important meeting for the Region and welcomed them to their home. The next morning, the session began with a virtual message from HH. Joao Carlos do Prado and Ken McDonald, where they invited the team to enlighten themselves through the calls of the General Chapter to guide the upcoming regional actions, always focused on the mission of reaching children and young people, especially those on the margins of the world, and as global family. During the rest of the day, the attendees recognized each other not only as Marists, but also as people with life stories that, along with their experiences within their Provinces, would have to create the synergy to define the continuous journey of the Region.



During the week, reflections and exhaustive reviews of the work carried after the Regional Forum of October 2020 were made, to visualize how it responded to the XXII General Chapter and generate the pertinent strategies to make it a reality. The achievements and challenges of each of the regional teams were also shared, their organization was discerned and important adjustments were made to the regional guidelines, starting with the Assembly and each Coordination.

With the question “What is the Region we dream of?”, there was a lot of reflection on the reality not only of Arco Norte, but of each one of the Provinces and Administrative Unit that make are part of it and how this multicultural richness with three different languages is a strength, but at the same time a challenge, to have an adequate and forceful Strategic Plan towards 2026. The next steps will be taken in the General Assembly, in Rome, where Brother Rodrigo, as Executive Secretary, will present the results of the meeting before the Regional Council, formed by the Provincials and District Superior of all the administrative units of Arco Norte.


During the week, the Committee was invited to the Marist Community of Acoxpa in Mexico City, lead by Brother Juan Montúfar, and they traveled to the state of Puebla for a moment of bonding and team building in one of Mexico’s richest places in history, art and culture.