+ J.M.J.CH. September 7, 2020

On 22 August the Arco Norte Regional Council met in video conference, in the presence of Provincials Gérard Bachand (Canada), Patrick McNamara (United States), José Sánchez (México Central), César Augusto Rojas and Orlando Escobar (Norandina), Miguel Ángel Santos (México Occidental) and Hipólito Pérez (América Central). Brothers João Carlos do Prado, General Councilor and liaison for the Region and Gregorio Linacero and Rodrigo Espinosa, as Coordinators of the Regional Committee, also took part.

Brother Óscar Martín, General Councilor, and responsible for the animation of the La Valla 200 Project, intervened during the session to share the progress of this project of the Institute and in particular the vision of the Montagne community of Holguín (Cuba), which belongs to the region.

Brother Tomás Briongos, Provincial of Compostela, who always accompanies us because of our links with the Marist life and mission in Honduras, could not participate on this occasion for personal reasons.

This intuition of the author Francesc Torralba, motivated our reflection, sharing and research: “Uncertainty is a fundamental feature of our time. We do not know what is the meaning of what we call the new normality. There is fear, dread and trembling. It is easy to fall into despair and nihilism. What is difficult is to imagine new scenarios.

The crisis has accelerated the digital transition and this has pros and cons, but it has also accelerated the ecological transition. This could inaugurate a new way of producing, consuming and relating to each other.” (Francesc Torralba, Living the Essential)

Throughout the session we developed the following objectives:

  •  To share significant aspects experienced in our provinces of Arco Norte as a result of the experience of the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 disease.
  •  To follow up the initiatives in the Region and the Continent, particularly the Communications process.
  •  To accompany the journey of Marist life and mission in the Montagne community (Holguín, Cuba) and the Province of Canada.
  •  To define the itinerary of the Regional Forum: “A new present, a better future”, 26 and 27 October 2020.
  •  To approve the document: Organisations and functions of the Arco Norte Region, the members of the Arco Norte Regional Committee (CRAN) 2021-2023 and the “Rules of Procedure of the Permanent Council CAP”.

Warm regards,

Hipólito Pérez, FMS

Arco Norte Coordinator