On Saturday, August 15th, on the Feast of Our Lady of the Assumption, Patron Saint of our Marist Institute, the Marist Novitiate of Medellin, Colombia located in the region of Arco Norte had a virtual gathering with our brothers living in the Novitiate of Cochabamba, Bolivia located in the Marist Region of South America.

We are grateful for the technological advances, that allow us to be in contact with our Marist brothers as we continue our vocational journey.

The meeting was organized by the Inter-Province Novitiate of “La Valla” in Medellin. The theme of our time together was “The Marist Region of Arco Norte“. It was a time for us to introduce ourselves and share with our brothers some significant facts about the Marist mission within the countries of the Arco Norte region.

We feel that this experience, has not only gradually moved us to have opportunities for joint formation between the two novitiates but at the same time, it has allowed us to come together and develop a warmer and closer relationship as brothers.

Soon, we would like to gather again, as first or second year novices, to share life and speak about our formative experiences. We look forward to continuing to be companions on this journey and in formation.