The Vocational Culture Team of Arco Norte has prepared a series of virtual meetings that invites us to advance mutually, as a region, in terms of vocational animation as key of Vocational Culture, sharing the same vision that sustains, drives and updates the programs in this area that are carried out throughout our different Provinces.

The first meeting, which took place on Monday, October 19, sought to encourage through diverse dynamics, the informal gathering, getting to know each other a little better and strengthening personal and Marist links. Vocation and youth ministry animators from each of the Arco Norte’s Provinces participated in the meeting.

Brother Hipólito, in his greeting as Provincial Coordinator of our region, invited us to generate from our field of action a change of mentality that will drive us to walk together, weaving a language and common projects that will support vitality and diversity. Likewise, he encouraged us to carry out processes of formation that will foster an enthusiastic Marist leadership, centered on personal and group follow-up.

The planned virtual meetings for the coming months invite us to learn more about the present Youth Realities in our region of Arco Norte.

The next virtual meeting has been set for Tuesday, November 17 of this year.